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What Is Music Publishing?

Our guide on music publishing, including what is music administration, what does a music supervisor do and how to increase your publishing revenue.

How to get on Spotify Playlists

The deinitive guide on how to get your music on to Spotify, how to get on playlists, increase plays and followers.

What Does A Music Promoter Do?

If you play live then you'll be working with a lot of music promoters. Read our guide on what they do, their role in your career and how to work effectively together.

Being An Artist In 2021 Requires :

Smarter Ways Of Reaching Your Audience

Knowing The Different Ways To Make Money

One of the most common questions asked by new music creators is ‘How do I grow my fanbase’? In music, the challenge they face is how to generate what is generally regarded as the most powerful form of marketing, word-of-mouth or “Buzz”? Buzz is essential if an artist is to grow their fan-base.

However, in writing about ‘Buzz’, it became apparent that it’s almost as important to understand why ‘Buzz’ doesn’t happen too.

The reason for this is twofold. 

The first is because I’ve worked with new artists for over 20 years. An emerging trend I’ve seen on Reddit is an artist with barely a handful of singles on Spotify, willing to pay for advertising or Digital Marketing services in the belief this will be a catalyst to success. 

The second is research by MiDIA Research, who estimate there are now over 14 million music producers, due to the wide availability of ‘creator tools’, such as Pro Logic and the low cost of technology & studio equipment.

As a result, witness the dramatic rise in the number of companies (social media, PR, marketing services, software tools, playlisters, influencers) happy to take money off these new creators. To coin a phrase, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel taking money from these musicians, so eager are they to make a living from the music they’ve created.

Which is why I’m so uneasy about setting up yet another Music School in The Artist Network. There are already thousands of videos and articles informing artists ‘How to be an artist’. The underlying promise of these sites is that if you follow our advice (for a fee) then you have a better chance of ‘growing your fanbase’ and by extension, living the dream of being a successful musician.

They mostly tell artists that to be successful they need to be a Content Factory, generating a seemingly endless stream of music, photos, stories and video. In addition, they must be social media experts. Branding experts. CRM experts. Data analysts. All this in addition to writing & recording.

Which makes me uneasy because, after years of doing this, I know the ONLY way to be a successful musician is to write songs that people want to hear.

End of.

Learning how to write songs that people want to hear is a craft. And any craft takes time to learn. Trial and error. Playing to an audience and gauging their reaction. What works. What gets people out of their seats? When do they cheer the loudest?

The internet makes it easier than ever for musicians to find their audience. And yet I suspect millions of creators are frustrated and despondent when they experience their music isn’t growing in the way they hoped. This is when they’re vulnerable to a multitude of services willing to take their money.

So, I want to do things slightly differently. 

If you’re a musician then my advice is, learn the craft of songwriting. I want to provide you with advice and articles on how to do this.

However, perhaps you’re like me; love music, play an instrument, produce music, DJ, go to hundreds of gigs, etc? And, due to your love of music you want to work in the music industry? Then read my articles about the music business and hopefully learn how you can work in music and help those musicians who are writing songs that deserve an audience.

I want to teach you:

  • How to build your ‘test’ audience so you know if you’ve written a song that resonates.
  • How to save money so you can invest BIG into the right songs.
  • How to improve as a songwriter to reach an audience and build a career.
  • How to maximise every song to sustain a career and live the dream.

What we offer

1. Free Information

If "Libraries gave us power" (J. D Bradfield) then you'll find plenty of power in our articles. These have been written to empower and educate you on a wide range of subjects relating to an artists career.

2. Learning

Our online courses are designed to educate using real-life examples, tutorials and gamification techniques. Solve problems, face challenges and learn while doing.

3. Community

Join our network to chat with other artists like yourselves and students who want to learn by doing. Find people who are willing to help you by helping them.

But above all, we want to say thank you for being here. A network gets stronger the more people who are in it. Simply by being here you add to the growth of the network, meaning we can all achieve more.

It's our mission to help you succeed in music.

Maybe you'd like to know more about a subject that we haven't written about? Or an idea for a course that would help every one in The Artist Network? If so, please let us know on our Contact Page.

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