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Contact Neil Cartwright

Please use this contact form to contact either myself or The Artist Network about any of the following:

Consultancy – You can see from the site content that I know a lot about the music industry. I’m available for consultancy in the following.

  • Regular contact to discuss the music industry and trends
  • Bespoke marketing plans
  • A custom marketing or strategic plan based on your company
  • A 1 hour call to chat about any aspect of the industry I’ve written about – marketing, performing, songwriting, management, publishing, record labels or technology.

Rates will be dictated to an extent on your own financial position.

Conferences – I’m an experienced conference speaker and panel moderator. My Bio is here. If you’d like someone with knowledge and opinions, please get in touch.

Advertising/Sponsorship – If you’re a brand or band and have something to promote to The Artist Network audience, please get in touch.

Guest Post – as a rule I want in-depth, music related articles with a lot of information that will be useful to my audience. I’m not looking for short, link-building articles to help you sell sunglasses, handbags or credit cards.

An Online Course – Do you have experience about the music business you’d like to share? Maybe you’re a performer, worked in a management company, worked in the live industry, repaired instruments, were a vocal coach or wrote songs for TV adverts? Whatever your level of experience, if you learnt something then it’s likely of interest to another artist. Please get in contact and let me know.

Technical problems – I suspect there is likely a typo or a broken link in one of my articles. Please let me know so I can continue to improve the site.

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