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A Music Manager On Their Phone

The Future Role of a Music Manager

Little is written about Leopold Mozart. As a musician working in Salzburg he had a…

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How To Write A Song Banner

How to Write a Song

There are hundreds of articles on how to write a song. However, most of them…

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Mental Health Awareness in Music

Music is a creative artform that lifts people to experience incredible highs. However, it can’t…

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Explaining What Is A Booking Agent

What Is A Booking Agent?

In a simplified view of the music industry an artist makes money in three ways:…

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14 Growth Hacks To Increase YouTube Views

TL:DR/ The BTS fanbase worked out a series of YouTube growth hacks to increase YouTube…

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Picture Of Calum Jones

An Interview with Calum Jones

Calum Jones is a Scottish singer/songwriter, based near Inverness. He’s 19yr but has already released…

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Understanding The Growth Funnel

Music Growth Hacking is fundamental to the current music marketing. As the music business becomes…

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Creating Buzz

How To Create Buzz

I want to teach you how to create buzz by explaining these concepts: How to…

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Interview with Omnilive’s Cyril Zajac

When I wrote my "How to Livestream Music" I wanted to talk and listen to…

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Predicting The Music Trends

13 Music Trends For 2021

As is tradition, I've written some predictions for music trends in 2021. It's in a…

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An Artist Learning How To Live Stream Music

How to Livestream Music: The Artist Network Guide

Music live streaming has witnessed an huge growth in popularity during 2020. Many people point…

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Girl Reading How To Get On Spotify Playlists

How to Get on Spotify Playlists

In this article I’m going to explain all things ‘Spotify’. This includes how to get…

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A Musician Who Is Being Promoted

Promotion For Musicians – Our Guide

Promotion is the act of telling people about either yourself or your music. While it's…

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Finding Out What Is A Music Producer

What Is A Music Producer?

A music producer manages the recording process. They work on behalf of their clients, who…

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People Enjoying A Live Music Promoter

What Does A Music Promoter Do?

A music promoter books talented acts to play at a venue and is then responsible…

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Get Booked For Festivals

How to get Booked For Festivals

Getting a slot at a festival is a high for most artists. For one, you…

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Explaining Music Publishing

What Is Music Publishing?

First a confession. I worked in the music industry for 15 years without knowing what…

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