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Is It OK To Stage Dive On Your Fans?

Could a legal case in the US put an end to stage diving? If you’re performing and get the urge to do a full swallow dive in to the mosh pit, would this story make you think twice?

In short, the singer of American band, Fishbone is facing a damages bill in the region of £820,000 ($1.3m) after injuring an audience member, who let’s not forget was presumably a fan, in a mid-show leap from the stage.

The gig happened in February 2010 at the World Live Cafe in Philadelphia. The unlucky fan, Kimberly Myers, was knocked to the ground after singer Angelo Moore performed his customary stage dive, and suffered a fractured skull in the fall.

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How To Become A Successful Music Artist

On the radio this morning I heard Amy Chua talking about her new book, “The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America” (Amazon)

The three traits for success are:

  1. A feeling that you are, in some way, superior
  2. A feeling of insecurity – that what you have done is not enough
  3. Self-discipline and the ability to focus on long term goals

It got me thinking how these relate to musicians and artists?

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MIDEM Preview 2014

Taking place this weekend is the music conference it’s become fashionable to hit with a baseball bat – MIDEM. Once touted as the biggest music conference in the world (is it still?) the conference runs from Feb 1st – 4th. Held in the ultra-expensive city of Cannes (a bottle of Heineken in the Carlton? €22!) it remains a chance for music, advertising and technology companies to meet, discuss, drink and deal.

This year’s key theme is that growth is returning to the music industry (0.3% folks!) and many of the discussions are about how to keep it up. Given the huge, dramatic decrease in the industry over the last 10 years, it’s perhaps not surprising that at some point the decline had to stop simply because it couldn’t get lower. For instance, the record industry couldn’t lay off any more people, the new services had to start taking off at some time, the transition from CD to legal digital had to take hold. But, how much of this growth is because of the ‘strategies’ discussed at conferences like MIDEM and how much would have happened QUICKER had the industry not followed the course they chose is of course debatable. 

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Advertising on YouTube – A Guide For Musicians

“Buy YouTube Ads” – Bob Leftsetz”

Very thorough and informative and written in clear and non-jargonisitic English making it understandable even for the non-geeks amongst us. This sort of information is crucial to anyone wanting to find ways of earning a living in the music industry.” – Dave O Donnell, Community Music


T his is a tutorial for musicians, artists, managers and promoters who want to harness the vast power of YouTube to reach their audience. In this course we will show you how to set up an advertising campaign on YouTube using Adwords, target the right audience, create the most effective ads and tips and tricks learnt by the professionals.
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Facebook Advertising For Musicians Free Course

“Facebook Advertising For Musicians” is a free course in the Artist Academy. It contains details of how to set up and get the most out of a Facebook advertising campaign.

Due to the huge size and growth of Facebook it’s difficult for anyone, especially musicians, to ignore. So many people use it to be updated on the music they like that if an artist doesn’t use it, they could be missing out on a free way to update fans on new albums, tours, videos etc.

Despite a general reluctance to spend money on Facebook we have found it can be effective under certain conditions. It can be used effectively to sell gig tickets to small shows and increase Likes.

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What can artist’s learn from South Korea?

Source: The Curious Case of the South Korean Music Market

As labels and artists continue to define ‘the new music business’, I’m finding there are many lessons to be learnt from global markets. In this case, Mark Mulligan has written an insightful and highly illuminating article on South Korea.

The Korean market was one of the first to tip over the 50% digital mark and so is an interesting place to study the buying habits of fans. Mark points to the low price of the market leading ‘Melon‘ service and the previous dominance of Cyworld in the territory. However, I also pointed out to him that Korea is one of the few countries in the world where iTunes has not launched a music store.

For artists the article is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the monthly price of the Melon streaming service – $6 per month – is even lower than Spotify, so presumably even worse from a ‘how to make money from digital’ perspective. On the other hand, the Korean market is healthy due to the strength of local repertoire. Korea also has an extremely successful K-Pop genre. This music is highly manufactured but the quality is extremely high and  I can see more Korean bands crossing over if they performed in English (or like Psy, a combination of both).

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